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Cat showed up at family’s door and asked to be let inside after spending years on the streets

[Reading level: C1 – Advanced]

An orange cat showed up outside a family’s home and asked for help. His life was forever changed.


Jaelle from Quebec, Canada was surprised to find a cat in her backyard, scratching at the door, begging to be let in. She had never seen the cat until that day (Valentine’s day) last year, in the midst of the bitter Canadian winter.


Jaelle, who volunteers for One Cat At a Time, a kitten rescuer in Quebec, immediately opened the door for the sweet feline. The orange tabby looked rough around the edges. He was cold, hungry and sick. Jaelle reached out to Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time, and asked for help.


“Our rescue specializes in orphan kittens, but he was asking to be saved at the door and we couldn’t leave him outside,” Marie told Love Meow. “We tried to find the owner but there was no microchip. He was around 6-7 years old, not neutered and nobody was looking for him. Most likely, he was abandoned outside by previous owners a long time ago.”


The cat was rushed to the vet and had to be hospitalized for a few days due to a host of health issues. He was covered in fleas, battle wounds, and matted hair. He also tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), and had parasites, many dental issues and upper respiratory infections.


Despite it all, the sweet feline was so thankful to be cared for at last. He was very frail but purred nonstop while being treated by the veterinary team, with full support from One Cat at a Time.


After shaving off all the matted fur and getting the right medication, the sweet kitty could finally begin healing.


He was named Aslan after the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s a mystery how he ended up on the streets, but he picked the perfect family for help that day, and gained a new lease on life.


Once Aslan was discharged from the hospital, Jaelle took him in to foster, so he could continue his recovery in the comfort of a loving home.


“He is so kind and loving. He purrs with gratitude and he is really happy to be an indoor cat again,” Marie shared.


Sweet Aslan was thrilled to have good food and warm beds. He ate to his heart’s content at every meal and rested comfortably, making up for lost sleep.


“He loves people (and other cats) and asks for hugs all the time. It is clear that this beautiful cat has had a family before.”


During his recovery, a resident cat named Cleo, took Aslan under her wing. She kept him company after his dental and eye surgery and was always nearby, ready to shower him with hugs.


The two really bonded and spent a lot of time together, cuddling away.


Jaelle wasn’t planning to adopt another cat but knowing how much Cleo and Aslan needed each other, she couldn’t separate them. Aslan quickly crept his way into the hearts of the family.


Perhaps, he knew from day one that this was where he was meant to be.


Over the next several months, Aslan recuperated and regained good health. Every day, he was surrounded by furry friends as if they all played a part in his recovery.


The sweet orange cat is eight years old now and living the life of his dreams.


He no longer has to fight for food or shelter or brave the bitter cold. He has a big family that adores him to bits.


Aslan is living like a king with all the luxuries that he so deserves. He continues to give cuddles to everyone around him, and doesn’t have a worry in the world.


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Word Bank:

in the midst of (adv): giữa một bối cảnh nào đó

scratch /skrætʃ/ [B2] (v): cào

bitter winter (expression): mùa đông buốt giá

feline /ˈfiː.laɪn/ [B2] (n): giống mèo, thuộc họ mèo

tabby /ˈtæb.i/ (adj, n): chỉ con mèo có vệt sẫm, lông xám

orphan /ˈɔː.fən/ [C2] (n): mồ côi

neuter /ˈnjuː.tər/ (v): thiến (động vật)

abandon /əˈbæn.dən/ [B2] (v): bỏ rơi

be rushed to somewhere (v): được nhanh chóng đưa tới đâu

hospitalize /ˈhɒs.pɪ.təl.aɪz/ (v): nhập viện

matted /ˈmæt.ɪd/ (adj): (lông) xoắn lại, vón cục

flea /fliː/ (n): bọ chét

immunodeficiency /ˌɪm.jə.nəʊ.dɪˈfɪʃ.ə (n): suy giảm hệ miễn dịch

parasite /ˈpær.ə.saɪt/ (n): ký sinh trùng

dental /ˈden.təl/ [B2] (adj): thuộc về răng

respiratory (adj) /rɪˈspɪr.ə.tər.i/ [B2] : liên quan đến hô hấp

end up doing sth (v) : cuối cùng, rốt cuộc rồi làm gì, làm sao

new lease on life (expression): một khởi đầu mới

to one’s heart’s content (expression): thỏa thích

make up (v): đền bù, bù đắp cho cái gì

take sb under the wing (idiom): chăm sóc, bảo vệ ai đó còn non trẻ, yếu ớt

shower sb with sth (idiom): trao tặng rất nhiều thứ gì đó cho ai

shelter [B2] /ˈʃel.tər/ (n): trú ẩn, nơi bảo vệ

frail /freɪl/ [C2] (adj): yếu

purr /pɜː/ (v): kêu grừ grừ (tiếng mèo kêu khi cảm thấy hạnh phúc)

foster /ˈfɒs.tər/ (v): nuôi dưỡng, chăm sóc

bond /bɒnd/ [B2] (v, n): gắn bó, sự gắn bó

cuddle /ˈkʌd.əl/ (v): âu yếm

creep /kriːp/ [C2] (v): len lỏi, di chuyển từ từ để tránh bị phát hiện

recuperate /rɪˈkuː.pər.eɪt/ (v): bình phục


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