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Traditional Tet dishes carry important meanings

[Reading level: B2 – Upper Intermediate]

Tet dishes traditionally cooked and served in northern Vietnam during the Lunar New Year festival carry special meanings, often conveyed through legends.


Banh chung (square sticky rice cake) – Bánh chưng

Banh chung is perhaps the most emblematic of Tet specialties. The square-shaped cake can be traced back to the legend of a prince who created it to represent the land we live on.


Banh chung is made with glutinous rice that has the filling of mung beans, fatty pork, pepper and salt. It is wrapped in the leaf of a dong plant, a species widespread in Asia, which gives banh chung an eye-catching green color. This cake takes 12 to 14 hours of boiling to be cooked.


It is a dish that most Vietnamese look forward to as Tet meal, often accompanied with pickled spring onion bulbs.


Pickled spring onions – hành muối

Vietnamese pickled spring onions are a ubiquitous presence during the Tet festival in the north.


The aromatic, crispy and sour taste combines well with meat jelly and sticky rice cake.


Boiled chicken – Gà luộc

Boiled chicken is another essential Tet dish that symbolizes prosperity and wellbeing.


Starting a new year with boiled chicken that is first offered to Gods on an altar is expected to bring luck that lasts through the year.


Gio cha (Vietnamese sausage) – Giò chả

A Vietnamese Tet tray in the north cannot be complete without a plate of pork dishes, which could be plain sausages, pork’s ear sausage or cinnamon pork sausage. These invite happiness and fortune into the house.


The sausage made for Tet needs to be especially fresh, dense and easy to slice.


Thit dong (meat jelly) – Thịt đông

Meat jelly, which has a transparent quality to it, symbolizes clarity and good luck.


The coming together of different components in this dish is also seen as expressing harmony, blessing people’s love lives.






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