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[Mp3] What coffee does to your brain and body


This is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. Not the coffee. That’s the caffeine in it.


There’s a reason caffeine is so popular. It has some great effects on the body. First, that pick-me-up feeling you get from it. That’s caffeine blocking adenosine in your brain, which is the hormone that causes you to feel tired. Caffeine also tells your brain to release natural stimulants like glutamine and dopamine. These help boost your mood and generate a sense of euphoria, much like cocaine.


Normally your body first burns its main source of fuel, glycogen, and then it burns fat. But the caffeine disrupts this process, telling the body to burn fat earlier, preserving your glycogen stores for later. That’s why your body can work harder without feeling like it is, making caffeine the most common performance-enhancing drug used in sports.


If you’re a little tired, studies have shown the caffeine will improve focus by enhancing reaction time and memory recall. And if you’re not feeling well, caffeine can fix that too. It speeds up the body’s ability to absorb aspirin and acetaminophen, making them work faster and last longer.


But it’s not all good news. Ever realize the more coffee you drink, the more you need it? That’s your body building up a tolerance. With each cup your body produces more receptors for adenosine. So you need more caffeine to block those receptors and feel energized. You also produce more stomach acid after consuming caffeine, which can lead to heartburn.


Too much caffeine and you’re likely to start feeling anxious. That anxiety comes from the adrenaline your body releases when caffeine excites the brain cells. Over time, you can even develop a caffeine addiction. And quitting cold turkey can cause withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue.


Caffeine also has a long shelf life in the body. It can take over four hours for just half the caffeine to wear off. So you might want to reconsider that afternoon cup of joe.





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